Google Wonder Wheel Can Make you Money

There’s something about google’s new tool, the Google Wonder Wheel, which gives the feeling as if it was perfectly tailored for those who are seeking to make money online.

So how exactly can the wonder wheel make you money?

Google wonder Wheel in action
Google wonder Wheel in action

The google wonder wheel enables web marketers to explore additional niches and find other earning opportunities. The main idea of the google wonder wheel is to help the user discover what it is he is actually looking for.

Obviously this tool is excellent for just about anyone using google to find what they need. Whether it’s a school project, homework, a research for job, the google wonder wheel will display the alternatives for the originally searched keyword.

Did anyone say semantic web future? You’re right.

For webmasters this tool is perfect. Whether you’re doing a ppc campaign and want to better know the niche you are aiming for (there are other keyword tools obviously), this tool will give you all the relevant terms you should aim for when setting your campaign.

This is a great way to know the field or the term you are exploring and any way you look at it, it’s a good solution and the graphic display makes it even more user friendly and attractive.

In order to use the google wonder wheel, after performing your search in google click on the Show Options link which appears just below the search bar (after you’ve performed the search). Then the search window will be divided into 2 parts whereas one part is the Search results and the other will give several options among them the Wonder Wheel option which appears on the bottom.

Who knows what the future holds for this option but there’s no doubt many use this option.\