The Essence of Blogging For Money

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that most of the websites now days are actually blogs. A blog is a popular online publishing platform which enables the author (the webmaster) to easily upload content online. Most of the blogs won’t make a cent during their lifetime, however there are some who do, so how do they do it?

The Essence of blogging for money comes to 3 main factors:

1. Common of Interest – Whether the blog covers new technology and gadgets, promotes gambling related websites or telling people how to make money, the blog must have a common of interest to readers. If they don’t find something in common they will not follow that blog.

2. Repeated readers – This factor mainly depends on the quality of the content. If readers like what they read they will come back. There are several ways to keep your readers posted and make them come back, the most common way is called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) which alerts the readers that there’s something new to read, only if they are subscribed to the RSS feed. Another way is a mailing list which will be used as a reminder that the blog still exist. Other ways may include usage of social networks to promote the blog.

3. Advertisements – Monetizing the blog is necessary to make money from it. Money doesn’t grow on trees and in order to make money we must sell something. If the advertisements are relevant to the target audience there will be sales.

The popular blogs are making thousands of dollars every day from selling advertisements and media. The blog is in fact the new newspaper and the advertisers has the interest to appear in the online newsletter just as they had one in the offline print newspapers.

Where is this going?

The blogs are here to stay. People want to be updated and 138 characters (Twitter) are not enough for a full coverage of an event of a product.

Communication with the author is another thing which the old offline print newspaper didn’t have and let’s not forget the popular talkbacks (comments) which take a major place in a blog.

These reason point that blogging is still big and it will be even bigger.

If you’re still not blogging – start right away!

Good luck!