Making Your First $100 Dollars Online

This post is dedicated to all the beginners who did not yet make their first $100 online. If you ask any internet marketer what is the first level of their success, most will tell you that the first $100 was that level.

Let’s approach the $100 in income in a few ways to illustrate what the $100 really is:

1. Adsense – Let’s say your income is generated from adsense advertisements, an average click (depending on many factors) is around 0.10 cents USD. You will need 1000 clicks on your advertisements to get to your goal.
2. Mainstream products – Let’s say you promote a mainstream product (clothes, music, electronics and so on), commission will range between 1% – 10%. Let’s take something in the middle – 5%. Then you will need $2000 in sales to get to your goal.
3. CPA (Cost per acquisition) – Let’s say you work for CPA and your commission is $20 per sale, then you will need 5 sales to get to your goal.

The above was meant to illustrate how easy / difficult it is to get to the $100 barrier with some ways of making money online.

True, $100 is not a lot of money. You probably got into internet marketing as you plan to make 5 figures and maybe 6, but as a start, $100 is a good place to start.

The key to any income you make is focus.

This is why i illustrated 3 different ways of achieving your $100 goal. You notice right away that some ways are much easier to achieve than others. For example: it’s easier to generate x5 $20 worth of sales than 1000 adsense clicks.

Now that you have this information with you and before you start working as an internet marketer, take this opportunity to plan your first $100 and the way you plan to achieve it. I suggest planning ahead and focusing on what you choose to do.

There are many temptations, rumors and stories you will hear along the way. Don’t be tempted to stop what you are doing to begin something else. Stick to what you are doing and try to achieve your goal.

It might just be that your first $100 will cost you a lot more to achieve. That’s perfectly fine as you will learn to optimize your expenses in the future and make sure you are profitable.

Finally, making your first $100 dollars online is all about persistance – do your best to achieve your goals and you will succeed.

To your success!