Bitcoin Advantages and Price Determinants

Advantages of Bitcoin

As administration and structure of Bitcoin is decentralized, the network is not administered by a head who implements the rules. The keyword being central, Bitcoin is, it is not solely controlled by governing bodies. Decentralization may seem disorderly, but in depth, that alone puts Bitcoin at an advantage.

Every user can participate in the improvement of the system. Fit ideas will not be disregarded by the head. Each participant serves as a tool for making Bitcoin currency effective than it already is.

Profit-Making Opportunities

Lives nowadays are fast moving, literally. People are on the go, and they continue to look for ways to innovate for efficiency’s sake. This is exhibited through a number of trading vehicles Bitcoin was integrated into, namely Bitcoin foreign exchange, and binary options.

Time, as we all know, is valuable. With Bitcoin’s low fees, mobility and fast setup, quicker and cheaper transactions are possible as Bitcoin processes payments faster than traditional payment systems. With just a few clicks, users can complete transfers and payments in the comfort of their homes.

User Anonymity

Furthermore, user Anonymity is another benefit that Bitcoin users can take advantage of. Yes, the transactions are available for public viewing, but personal information is not, nless the user prefers to share it. Centralized banking work differently; they maintain a principal server where the database of client information is kept and can be accessed if need be.  This benefits users who desire to secure online purchases and activities. There are individuals who choose to retain sensitive information away from surrounding online threats, and Bitcoin can easily provide that.

Price determinants

As with any currency, be it traditional or alternative, price determinants are always present. Now, everyone who is involved with cryptocurrency should know that the prices are highly volatile. One will wonder how these prices are determined. Apart from miners, here are some of the factors that affect its day-to-day fluctuations.


Government regulation is one affecting aspect of Bitcoin’s price. Some government entities currently have the virtual currency under their regulations—these will vary from one country to another. Each time the government release statements regarding the situation of cryptocurrency’s stand, the prices are affected. Even if these are not direct factors, the status of its existence can affect one’s perception whether it is a viable currency for everyday use or not.

User Density

Without its users, Bitcoin might as well be left stagnant. The users give Bitcoin purpose. These are in the form of employing the digital currency as a payment method for products or services, as mediums for investment such as Bitcoin forex and binary options trading, or for entertainment purposes like online gaming and purchasing credits to grab BGO Casino bonus credits. Furthermore, the users add to the credibility of Bitcoin since individuals see that there are markets that embrace the technology, which in return drives the value of prices up.


Media is another external element that contributes to the motions of its value. With the whole world basically affected and reached by the news, it is no question that all news involving Bitcoin would have reached certain parts of the world. The price factor of news is that it can shape an investor’s view. Whether it is recommended to get involved in Binary options trading or certain markets at one point, or is it profitable to invest in bitcoins.


Furthermore, buyers and sellers of Bitcoin drive a portion of these influences. Users who are involved in Bitcoin exchange platforms determine their own price assessments. Buyers looking to obtain bitcoins at a higher price, or sellers willing to let go of their crypto coins below the market value aid the fluctuations of Bitcoin. Similar to traditional currencies, these are also traded on a daily basis.

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