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Trade Rush review  has been positive about on one of the recent entrants on the binary trade options circuit. Trade Rush offers novice and experienced traders a new and exciting way to trade.
Holding the distinction of being the first binary options platform to offer the 60 second trading, TradeRush has been consistently growing over the past years.

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Given the popularity of binary options trading more people are turning towards this popular way of trading. It is expected that new online options trading platforms will join this growing trend in vast numbers and existing ones will expand their presence. Trade Rush review indicates that this binary options online broker is unlike others. In fact it has taken the bull by its horns. Traditionally, only a few online options brokers maintained monopoly over online options broker. But now out of the new entrants, Trade Rush is ruling the roost.

There are a lot of aspects of this web platform that helps it distinguish itself. It is probably one of those foremost online options brokers offering the most user-friendly online options broker platform. Features of Trade Rush

•Making money with Trade Rush review has indicated that it offers the highest number of assets. But that’s almost close to correct. The truth is that Trade Rush is among a handful of online options broker money making platforms that offers the widest and most number of assets to trade in.

• Totaling up to 85, a trader can spread investments across these assets. This is better than having smaller number of assets, and spreading the risk over fewer numbers of assets.

• Given the number of assets available, it is reasonable to expect that Trade Rush could be used by thousands of people in one trading session. Hence lays the need for providing security. Trade Rush payment review has favored the robust infrastructure of the Trade Rush binary options trading platform.

• The minimum deposit amount is $200. Returns on investment are in the range of 75-85%. Payback percentages are in the range of 2-15%. These percentages are typical of established and high-volume binary options trading platforms.

• Probably the best known feature is the 60 second option. This feature allows novice and experienced online options traders to make quick money. The price direction of some asset types does not fluctuate much in 60 seconds. Considering this, predictions have a higher success-percentage in this type of option.

• There are thousands of novice and experienced traders making huge sums of money using Trade Rush 60 second feature. Trade Rush review has indicated how this feature has made traders richer by the day.

• Adding to these benefits, Trade Rush offers traders plenty of tools for enhancing their knowledge. This includes tools that automatically analyze the markets and make suggestions.
Trade Rush is the place to make money online and currently offers two types of accounts – Gold and Silver. With a host of amazing features, great customer service, wide variety of assets, Trade Rush is the most happening online options brooking platform. Trade Rush review notwithstanding, this platform is the most favored with novice and experienced traders alike.


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