Make money with tickets for World Cup 2010

The FIFA 2010 World Cup is an extra-special event due to the fact that is the very first time that the tournament is to occur in and be hosted by an African nation. South Africa will play home to the 32 teams that compete in the tournament, and it will have more than one billion people poised to watch everything that happens there.

Clearly it is going to be a popular activity and that means that getting tickets could pose challenges, but historically FIFA makes it easy for people to purchase tickets to the event. It releases them in “phases” to the public and makes them available online. Tickets for World Cup 2010 are not distributed immediately, but there are no restrictions on purchasing in advance. This is a great way make money with tickets for world cup 2010.

There are ten venues in which the games will occur and none has a capacity of less than forty thousand seats. Sadly, that does not come close to the total number of interested and eager fans, but there will also be a wide opportunity for television viewing too.

As is usual with the FIFA World Cup events, the organization itself controls the entire ticketing process. The organization’s standard ticketing procedure makes it obvious that all purchased tickets and materials will begin to be released at some point in early 2010. The actual tournament dates for the FIFA World Cup 2010 Africa are June 11 through July 11.

Because they are the host country, the soccer world cup South African team is automatically among the final 32 competitors and they have created special jerseys for the events. The official mascot for the tournament is also inspired by the host nation, and it is “Zakumi” a leopard-like creature whose name is a combination of “ZA” (a standard abbreviation for South Africa) and “kumi” which stands for the number ten in several African languages.

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