Make money with Alexa’s ranking

Make money with Alexa’s ranking

We all know Alexa and we all using the ranking graphs in order to see our website. Alexa gives us the option to know some more details about our sites and pages. Who visited them, for how long, where from and so on.

But others are also looking at our Alexa rank; they want to see our ranking because they might want something from us. If a webmaster finds your page online, and likes to have a link from it, you can use your Alexa ranking to ask for more money. If you are 500,000 rank by alexa, a link from you can worth X amount of money. But imagine what will be the worth for 100,000 ranks?

Now we know that high rank can make you money, how to increase your Alexa ranking? Good question with two simple answers:

  1. Work as a webmaster. Add links, add pages, write articles and make sure your website visitors are happy. The more visitors and more links, your rank with increase.
  2. Download the Alexa tool bar and use it. Ask your friends to use it too, colleagues, people you know and so on. The more people will go to your website via Alexa tool bar, the more rank you will get.

Use the Alexa free service to increase your ranking and make sure you worth more money. The higher your rank is, the bigger your potential to make money online.

Playing cards games online, worth money !

Playing cards games online.

Maybe it’s hard to believe, but cads games can worth you money. If you are skilled player you can make some cash online with those games.

Card games likes Gin rummy, poker, gambling, black jack and many more interesting and simple games offer good money. You should be careful in selecting a game that is not so popular so that your chances of winning become more. So log on and start making money online as lady luck smiles at you.

You can play as many games as possible. There is no limit. The advantage of playing card games online is more than 500 people play the same game at the same time. You can join them in the card room online and start making free money. If luck favors then you can easily make $300 out of a card game. There are prizes worth $1,000,000 in card games. This is legal and not gambling. So log on and start your free money making journey.

Crazy ways to earn more money

Crazy ways to earn more money

There are other websites where you can make money online through fun and games. Card games, online raffle, sweepstakes and lotteries help you earn your dream income. Some popular websites offer swanky cars as gifts along with luxury cruise and so on. Card games websites offer hard cash and all the money you make online reaches you through your bank account. Pay pal is a popular virtual bank where it is easy to open an account. Whatever money you make online can be deposited with pay pal or with Money bookers. Online money making is easy as there are hundreds of sites offering various games and prizes. Some sites even offer cash gifts for registration and early bird entries. Automated income is also possible online and people have their own websites and make money through it. Whether you are skilled or not it is indeed very easy to make money online.

There is no free money

There is no free money

Is there something free in this world? Well, Yes. Internet has made life so easy that free money making is a reality. What is free money making? To start any business you need investment. Where as online you don’t need to pay a cent. Surprised? Don’t be. It’s true. There are websites where you can post your resume for free and receive offers for jobs. There are marketing sites where you can post your portfolio and be offered work. Here on getting awarded a project the website deducts their fee. You can be a creative writer, software developer, web designer or virtual assistant. If you didn’t know about these, then its time you went online and learned about free money making.

If you have none of the above expertise, don’t fret. Still there is opportunity for free money making for people with no knowledge whatsoever. Online lottery, playing poker games, Gin Rummy, sweepstakes are all free money making games available online. Once you register for free you can start playing and winning. Most of the websites are genuine and the prize money is sent to your account. The advantage of online games is they are free money making games for anybody and everybody. Some of the popular games played are gin rummy, lines strategy game, 3D pong game, ok bridge, roulette, jewel quest, black jack, back gammon, solitaire and free cell and so on.

New ideas to earn extra money

New ideas to earn extra money

Extra cash doesn’t pinch. Who wouldn’t like to earn residual income if it can be earned easily? Nowadays it is very easy to earn extra money online. There are various methods to earn extra money online and every person is guaranteed to make a quick buck. By conducting online surveys, participating in product tests where your opinion is asked and you are paid for it as well as earn cash back on purchases made online are some ways to make extra money online. is the biggest online virtual book store that makes millions of dollars in a year. You can also sell on and earn extra money online.

Internet marketing, making money through affiliate programs, viral marketing are some other ways to earn extra money online. Joining social networking sites like Facebook can enable you to drive traffic to your website and you can earn through Google Adwords and Adsense. You can also start a blog for free and write whatever you feel like sharing with the world. Link your blog to some popular websites and drive traffic to your blog. That will popularize your blog and you can earn through pay per view program. Earn money while displaying advertisements on your Website. When visitors click on these ads, Google pays you. Along with targeted advertising for your content pages, you can add a Google search box to your site and show targeted ads on search results pages.

There are marketing websites that offer money for your professional services. Join them for free and earn extra money online through these websites. Once you have the zest and zeal anything and everything is possible. Earning extra money online is very easy and all it requires is a creative mind and positive attitude.

How to make money with MLM

Use MLM to make money online

Internet has revolutionized the way we think and act. Making money online is a fad today and people are jumping on to this bandwagon. What was once used for communicating with friends and relatives is used as a business and marketing tool today. Little did any of us think that Email could create history and enable people to earn a living? Nowadays there are many websites advertising and helping you to earn money online through fair and legal means. Internet marketing, MLM, Viral marketing, have all helped people earn residual income. Freelance writing, software development, consultancy and virtual assistants are skilled jobs that enable you to make money online much more than what you would earn in a 9-5 job.

More information about MLM will come………

Play your way to become millionaire.

Play your way to become millionaire.

There are online contests and card games that have made many paupers into millionaires. It is sheer perseverance and positive attitude that will fetch you victory at these games. There are free cash games online where you can win over a million dollars in one go. There are games where you make money by playing them online. To enter these free games you first need to register yourself with the website. This is done free of charge. On registering, an account is created for you. The money you win is deposited into your account. At the end of each month this money is transferred to your PayPal account or is given to you by check.

Cards games like solitaire can help you make good money online. There are options and you can play up to five games daily. Once you win money then you are hooked to it. It’s interesting and gives a kick to win money doing nothing. Though this is like gambling there is no risk of accumulating debt here. Once you register you win $5 as cash prize for becoming a member. This is a welcome gift. That’s cool. Isn’t it? Remember cash games are always free to play. Keep away from sites that ask you to pay upfront. They are not legal.

Find it hard to believe? Just check out the sites and see that whatever you had dreamed is true and you too can become a millionaire. Make money online through games and see all your dreams come true.

Google can make you rich

With the advantages of internet, technology has made life easy for all of us. It is easy to sit in the cool confines of your home and make money online. There are many ways to earn online. You can have a website and earn through Google ad sense, ad words program, you can sell your product online or go in for network marketing, or you can also become an affiliate of another website and make money online through these methods.

The best method to make money online is through playing sweepstakes, online raffle, gin rummy, play win and playing at online casinos. You can allocate a certain amount every day to invest in these online games. They definitely yield results. There are some websites that offer free registration and gift you $5 upon registration. These are legitimate and genuine ways to make money online. Some card game sites offer cars or electronic goods, foreign trips and cash awards as prizes. The trick to win in these card games are the more you enter, better your chances are to win. It is very easy to make money online through card games or any other games. You don’t need any expertise or investment for it.

Nowadays everybody is moving towards the internet. You can make money online for free by having your own blog. If you are good at writing become a freelance writer. There is plenty of work for virtual assistants. Join marketing websites for free and once you get your first job they shall automatically deduct their commission from your account. Online raffle, sweepstakes and cards games are all instant and easy ways to make money online as residual income.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start trying out your luck.

Basic tips how to make money online

Make money online

Big opportunities come in small packages. Internet is a pot of money that is waiting for all of us to grab it. But believe it or not making money online in the recent past has been ‘on a roll’.

Selling at

Speaking of how to make money online, the first thing that comes to mind is selling products on What else could you ask for, if you can sell a wide range of products worldwide? Startling it may sound, but the fact of the matter is that eBay makes all of that possible and what’s more you need not bother about marketing your website. The least bit of task on your part would be to list your products on the site for the interested bidders.

Being a freelance worker

You can start doing freelance work online for clients around the globe. People make around $10,000 to $100,000 in a month doing freelance work. Have a team of freelancers who can work from their homes and send across to you. This way you can be your own boss and earn a tidy sum sitting at home looking after your family as well as earning handsome pay.

Play online card games

Also in your spare time you can play card games or online lottery or sweepstakes at the sites offering cash reward. This also helps in earning residual income. There are people who have become millionaires by playing play win. This is the best way to make money online. No expertise is required. Browse through the net and choose the ones you feel are genuine. The prize money offered is huge and the sum is no less than $100,000. These are some of the catchy captions you’ll find all over the net. Believe me, they are true. People make millions by entering sweepstake contest. The prize money is attractive and lures sweepers (those who play) by the droves. You get hooked on to it. I am yet to hear that guys have lost at sweepstakes. Not that you’ll win always, but you certainly will not be disappointed. Patience and perseverance can make you achieve your dreams.

Join Affiliate programs

This is another proven method on how to make money online. There are innovative ways to make money online. A little bit of enthusiasm and zest for wealth creation can help you achieve your dream to make money online.

Make Online Money with your website

Article writing has been a great way to make online money. There are many websites and article directories like Ezine that buys articles from writers. People post their articles on these directories and are paid for it. This is one way of making online money. If you have no expertise in article writing you can try playing some online card games. There are websites conducting these games. The prize money is awesome and unbelievable but true.

Most of the online games are open to all and are free. There is an age limit of 18 years and above participating in these games. Even though it is legal, it’s best to keep kids and youngsters out of it. Playing a raffle is very easy. Buy a ticket and wait for the draw date. If your ticket has won then the number is flashed on the monitor. Then you can claim your prize. State and district lotteries also offer online money for these games. Online money won from card games, raffle,Free lottery and sweepstake are all legal and can make a pauper into a millionaire. It’s just by chance that you win. There is no strategy to win these games. Cash prizes start from $100 to $100,000. Some sites those are popular even offer swanky cars and electronic items. Just keep trying your luck and you never know when you may strike a treasure.

Next time you are dreaming to win a lottery just log on to any of these dream and win sites and witness your dreams come true. Who knows you may be off to Bahamas on the next flight to enjoy your holidays, thanks to a raffle victory. So don’t hesitate to dream and see your dream turn into reality.

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