Wanna make money with Google, remember this…..

Wanna make money and lots of money with Google Adsense, that’s good idea, but remember- nothing comes easy.

Choosing the Google Adsense option for your blog or website is a good option. You can have lot of space available for the Google Adsense and you have no trouble to work with them, but the space you give to Google belongs to Google and you might not want this to happened. Google will convert your traffic and you will get clicks, that’s for sure, but what about non targeted traffic ? Try to remember that any specific advertising will convert more and you can make more money online with it. For example, you have Bicycle related blog and your traffic into it is nice, 1000 unique a day. You can give Google Adsense some space for the Ad’s and the main idea of your blog, Bicycle; will be the main issue on the Ad’s.

For me it’s good, but not excellent.

You want to make money online; you must do the best to convert your traffic into money. Think of a visitor to your blog that is looking to buy Bicycle. He red some, looked at the pictures and no now he like to buy, is this case, the Google Adsense can track his eyes with some attractive ad and you lost the visitor. Here, an Ad to Bicycle reseller is much better for the visitor and for you. I’m not saying Google Adsense is bad, no! its good, but sometimes you can do better alone. The same visitor, if he will clock on the Google Adsense, he might go to another Bicycle related blog or website and he had no progress toward the purchase he like to do.

I can suggest you the best thing there is, try. Locate some related Ad’s for affiliate program and resellers together with Google Adsense. Monitor the clicks on each and your Return On Investment for each. Give it at least 3 months and later on you will know better how to make money online.

Take picture and make money


My last post was about taking picture in order to make money online. You can always find new websites, news companies, people from GreenPeace and other nature lovers, researchers and more who are looking for your pictures and ready to pay you some money for them.

Camera, Digital Camera, Take picture, make money online

if you think your pictures are much better than the common quality, make sure to get the right payment for it. Making money online is also about barging for your payment. High quality picture of wild life for example can worth more than $50 for some websites. Good luck

Writing articles can worth you money

Well, you like to write articles to make some extra money as a side income. I must say its a good idea. Some people on the net, some skilled webmasters and blog owners will pay good money for good articles. If you do have the skill to write good content, in any subject in the world. Any f us is a specialist in something, you can dig into your mind, look at your past activities, scan in your job skills and you can find few things that you are just good at, now write an article about it to make money.

The problem i see here is something important to think about AFTER you have wrote your article. Lets say you wrote nice article that contains 500 words and you also planted some good key words as for the SEO efforts of the article.  You really feel that your article can help the people who are looking to pay you for it and that it will interesting for their websites visitors. Now is the big question – Do you want to sell this article or you like to use it for yourself ?

On side tells you to take the article to the place it belongs. Upload it to one of the million websites on the net and wait for someone to download and use it. Than you will get paid for it.

The other side, use the article for your best. upload it  on your own  blog or website, make money of its quality.  If the article is good and you can write more articles like, do that. Manage  your own content on the internet and write more and more relevant content.  previous post is telling you how to make money online with your blog, you can also look for more tips of using wordpress and free blogging servers.

Once you have your own content online, uniques content that you wrote for something you are good at, you can make much more money online than just sending your articles to others.

Make Money Writing Articles

If you are skilled with writing, there are several places in which you can invest your energy and time with writing topic relevant articles and get paid for it.

Don’t expect to make a fortune out of it. So why i am telling you about this you probably ask yourself? Well, the title of this blog is how to make money online on the internet and not how to get rich quick or anything like it.

You can do many things to make money on the internet, 5 bucks here, 10 bucks there, if you have some free time you can build up a nice income on the side. And if you really play your cards right, you can even make a residual income once you built your online empire of internet related properties.

The idea of writing articles is very simple, you choose a topic you know a lot about (they check each article so don’t waste your time) and you write an article according to the specifications of the company. It could be 500 words could be less.

Once you are done writing the article you submit it and then it gets reviewed by the editors. If it gets accepted – you made a couple of bucks. Think about how long it will take you to write an article about an issue or subject you know perfectly and think whether it’s worth to invest your time on it.

The Logic Behind Writing Articles For Money:

As i explained in my previous post about Understanding the logic behind things i will explain the logic behind writing articles for money:

1. The Company who is supposed to pay you earns UGC (User Generated Content). I will use UGC a lot because this is something which is the basis of business models of web companies all around the world. Why do they need it? Search engines and mainly Google likes content and see the website as more important and so ranks it higher.

2. The article you just submitted will be used in the future (if accepted) to draw other visitors to their website. Considering their business model also includes advertisements – they will make more money than the $5 they paid you for that article.

So to summarize the idea of making money by writing articles – it’s your choice. You will learn many ideas on how to make money here and you should be the one deciding which ones you’d like to choose. I personally don’t know anyone who make a living by writing articles (I know some authors who make a living by writing books, and blogs).

Fun writing 🙂


Make money online with your digital camera.

At old times, taking pictures was complicated. Hiring camera man, bring all the family to one place, making sure all are smiling and paying a lot for that. It was a bad way to make money. Today each of us has digital camera and Cell phone with many pixels camera in it. We all take pictures during the day, now you can learn how to make money out of it. Since we all looking at the world from different angle, we all have our thought and things we like more than other, the pictures we are taking are unique.

On the internet there are many websites that helps you to upload your pictures to their domains and selling packages of pictures. You can make money from uploading your pictures.

Google for Stock Photography Sites and find out where you can make money online.

Online visitors of the photo websites are looking for pictures in categories. You can browse by subject (farming, electricity, Colombia, the end of nowhere, sky, summer in Tibet and more), by year, by photographer and so on. As soon as they found the picture they like, they can pay money and download it to their computer. The price of the picture to buy depends on the size of the file you download, the amount of pictures you want to buy and the picture’s rating according to other visitors.

Average price of an online picture- $6.

You, as the photographer who took the picture, will earn some cash from the pictures database website; they will reward you for each downloading.

There is high demand for animals pictures, wild nature, urban life, wars and weather pictures. This is the time to go outside and to think how you can make money online with the digital camera you have anyway.

Go and take some pictures, upload them for sell and make money online.

Monetizing Your Blog With Google Adsense

So you decided to go ahead and start your own blog. Pretty easy huh?

You have your own unique concept, you got visitors to visit your website (we will discuss statistics monitoring soon), and now you want to start making some money out of it.

One of the options available for you is Google Adsense. The best thing about Google adsense is that it’s easy to use and customizable to all your needs.

Before you sign up with Google Adsense, make sure your blog doesn’t look spammy and that it has a serious look with a contribution to visitors. Why? because you might get rejected by Google when applying for an Adsense account.

So you got your Adsense account and you you want to get started?

Know that:

1. You can’t place more than 3 ad units on the same page.

2. You can’t encourage clicks on your ads (e.g. help me pay the bill by clicking on the ads).

3. You shouldn’t be clicking your own links.

4. Payment will be sent to you once your account reaches $100.

5. Place the ads according to the following structure (either one of the positions is good the top ones are the best):

Red Marks the Adsense Units

Google Adsense is known for its ad relevancy to the content displayed on your page. Use this fact wisely.

Basically this means that if you write about books, the ads displayed on the page will be book related. If you write about money, the ads on the page will be money related. When we discuss PPC we will go to the bottom of what i just say, i will just give a small hint and say that money related keywords are more expensive for an advertiser than book related keywords.

Until the next time,


Make money with your free blog

The internet users are not all webmasters. You can find high skills webmasters that build complicated websites with tons of links and content. On the other side there are small blogs, websites with free templates and so, operated by Internet users for the best of themselves, the idea with personal blog or small website is not always to make money. If you do want to find easy and fun way to make some money online, using these free services is the answer for you.

Each of us, even without any real knowledge, can make money online with one or two free blogs. Here are some options:

  • Advertise with Pay per click (PPC) – not only Google is here for you.
  • Buy and sell text link from and to your free blog
  • Press release on the net
  • Article marketing, if you can write some as well.
  • Blog and forum marketing – ( my favorite )
  • Viral marketing, tell your friends, send some emails to your family…
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). That’s another issue to talk about
  • Banner advertising on your blog for other services.

Each of the options above will be discuss later on how to make money online blog.

You can start by opening your own free blog online and start thinking of what do you want to do with it in addition to make money.

Learn The Logic Behind What You Do

While you are reading a lot of tips about how to make money on the internet, you may want to try the ones which looks tempting enough and doable.

I recommend you to learn the logic behind what you are about to do. If you don’t understand what you are about to do, most likely you won’t succeed either.

I would like to take an example of one of the tips already given by my partner, promoting the rummy game for money – Rummy is becoming very popular now days and you can use its popularity to convince your friends to open player accounts and you will receive cash from each player. Looks easy so far, right?

Well, it’s not that easy. You have to verify that your friend will mention you once he registers an account and that the tracking link (code) your friend will use works, most importantly that your account is validated and you are good to go.

I recommend reading the terms and conditions of anything you are about to do. Don’t think. Learn.

Every word mentioned in the terms and conditions can make a difference about what you are about to do.

Let’s go back to the Rummy example for a moment. Let’s say you brought a friend to play, according to your logic you should now receive your $75 commission right? well, not necessarily. Your friend has to play a certain number of games before you will get that commission. This is the Rummy Room’s protection against fraud so you won’t bring 100 friends who will make $25 deposit and give you an instant profit of $50 for each one ($5000 profit).

I will follow up with the logic behind the actions you are about to take on both my and my partner’s post.

Of course we would appreciate comments and we will be more than happy to publish your proofs of money making through How2mm.

Good Luck,


Make money with Rummy games

Make money online while you play Rummy online games.

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Make money online with Play Win Rummy , the Gin Rummy portal.

How to make money online ?

How to make money online? The One million dollar question, no doubt.

We all human beings, we all like to earn money and we all looking for the short way, how to make money online. As you know, and we all, making money online is not easy but it’s possible. You can find yourself sending Emails, writing posts, editing pictures, reading articles, digging websites, adding links and so on. The way to become money maker is not easy and you can find many online members on the way.

If you have an idea how to make money, and how to make money online, we will be happy to hear it. If you know where you can make money and where our visitors can join you, we will be happy to hear, if you are a millionaire and all your money came from the online world, we will be happy to hear.

How2mm is new website; we will do our best to give you all the information and to help us all to become money makers.

Join us and make money online

How To Make Money Online – How2MM is about ideas for easy money making on the internet.