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” I open a blog for my pet shop, in Jan 2004. All my customers and world wide pet lovers spent some time in my blog, during the years. A friend told me about Google adsense and i gave it a try. At the first years i have made few bucks a month and didn’t invested much time in it. In Jan 2006 i have learnd into the adsense thing and optimized my ad’s. with some help i drove more traffic to my blog and learned my visitor profile. 2006 was great in my Adsense account, almost $24,000 total revenue. 2007 was about double better and Im working real hard for doubling 2007 revenue. I started with side cash earning with my free blog and now im making much more, monthly “. Adrew J. from California

” Making money online was always a target for me, i never likes my work at the coffee place anyway looked forward to make some cash online. After some thoughts i made my mind to open a blog of fashion, my favorite fashion. So I opened free blog and told people about the T-shirts i like, the shoes i have and the colors of clothes i buy. I operated the blog for 4 months and already had some nice traffic into it. Of course i had some Google Adsense on it. One day i have got the mail. they asked me to advertise their T shirts in my site and promised to pay $25 for each T shirt that will be sell, via my Ad. I located their banner on top of my blog and referred my traffic to it. The rest is history. I contacted more “ready to pay me” companies, learned my blog’s visitors and started to work full power to raise my revenues. Making money online is not easy, but i can tell that with 2-3 hours a day online, i make more than 6 hours a day at the coffee place. Some more effort and good be coffee. I’m making money online.” Jason K. from Los Angeles

“The idea¬†was to deliver flyers with my website logo, I tried it for a while and I saw a raise in my website stats. More people visit my website and I made some money with my Online Advertisements”. The more traffic you can drive to your website, the more money you will make online. The whole thing chanced when I started with the online Spades game, I found out that I can be an affiliate and to deliver players to online spades website. The player that I was sent to them rewarded me with more than $50 each and I have made this as my target. My flyer’s were dedicated to the Spades game; I entered some content regarding how to play online Spades, where to play Spades and how to win the Spades games. More and more players came to my website and went to play online Spades. At the moment I’m building another website all about Spades and I’m planning to make good money online from it. Laura S, Walish. UK.

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